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I have been, among other things, a bookshop owner, counterintelligence agent, writer, art critic, and grad student (literature and art). One of my blogs includes some examples of my art writing, from the past decade, with some new pieces forthcoming. But my most frequent new posts are to my crime fiction blog, International Noir Fiction.

Monday, October 8, 2007

floating a balloon

I keep hearing that art writing is in a desperate state these days, as more and more print venues for art criticism disappear and the dearth of writing about public art continues as always. Yet there are on-line critical mags popping up all over the place (as well as compilers of or pointers to those venues, such as the estimable Arts Journal published by Douglas McLennan). So which is it? Are we in a golden age of writing about art (albeit oriented more toward the blog than the edited/published art review) or is art criticism dead? Is the recent rant against blogging in the world of book criticism (more visible than similar rants about art criticism on-line, but see the Arts Journal and elsewhere for examples of the latter) an accurate measure of what's going on? Is anybody listening?
If I get responses, I intend to start posting here, with my own writing as well as examples of the current state of art writing.

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