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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Sculpture Dead (2000)

© Glenn Harper

Is Sculpture Dead? or is sculpture just really really tired. (Presented at a panel at the Nexus Contemporary Art Center--now the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center--in 2000_

As the editor, now, of a magazine called Sculpture, capital S, the artist whose name I see referred to most often by our writers is probably Marcel Duchamp—he is usually standing in for the idea that anything can be art. But the movement that is referred to most often by far by writers and artists in our pages is without any doubt Minimalist. On the one hand, Minimalism is the most sculptural of styles: Donald Judd's boxes or Carl Andr√©'s bricks are above all objects, sitting there in living 3D. But on the other hand, Minimalist objects have no meaning, refer to nothing, exhibit industrial material and processes, with no reference to the hand of the artist. They are simply objects, sitting their in the space we share with them.

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