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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hands, art, sculpture

© Glenn Harper

2003 lecture prepared for Brooklyn College lecture, unpublished

Hands, art, sculpture

A few comments from others, on the hand:

Toland Grinnell on curators and dealers, “art-world figures with their hands on the levers of power…who just recently bought cell phones and don’t yet know how to use the speed dial.. They are still trying to impose rules and expectations on art.”
A 2001 Panelist in the Computers and Sculpture Forum said VR and CAD modelling gives him the ability to ignore gravity while creating his work. Audience member said, well, yeah, that’s drawing.

Tony Smith called in the specs to a steel manufacturer for Die—over the telephone.
Jacques Lipchitz was profiled for Life magazine late in his life, and they wanted to photograph him working on a monumental sculpture. They put him up in a bucket truck to chisel on the head, and in the resulting photograph, it’s obvious that he has neither been off the ground nor had a chisel in his hand in years.

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